Friday, March 26, 2010

Sewing Room Organizer

I recently built this wall-mounted organizer for my sewing room.

1/2 Sheet (28") pegboard
1 - 12' Pine 1X4
2 - 1/2" dowels, cut to 28"
4- cement wall anchors, for ends of dowels
3- large cans - recycled from my Marinara Sauce recipe
fabric to cover the 3 cans
pegboard hooks
1 can multi-surface spray primer
1 can brown spray paint

I made the box for the bottom first and mounted it to the pegboard. I then cut 2, 4" lengths of the 1X4 to make the ribbon holder. I used a 1/2" drill bit to drill holes in the 1X4's to hold the dowels. I mounted the 1X4 pieces to the pegboard. I flipped the whole thing over and mounted small scraps of wood on the back- top and bottom- to allow for the use of pegboard hooks. If you mount it directly to the wall, you wont be able to use the hooks. I pained the whole thing, including the dowels and let them dry for a few hours. I (eh- em, my hubby) hung the organizer and then added ribbon to the dowels, and put the cement anchors (4 for $1) on the ends to hold the dowels in place. I covered the cans with fabric to match the roman shade and chair cover I made for my sewing room. I drilled a hole in the cans to be able to hang them with the peg hooks. The covered cans in the box are Crystal Light containers covered with scrapbooking paper.

1 hour build/paint time
2 hour dry time (1 coat primer, 2 coats paint)
1/2 hour for hanging, covering the cans and organizing it.
Total cost was about $12.

Love it!

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  1. I just knew you had a cute, crafty blog out there...I just knew it. Thanks, facebook. :)

    I am loving this organizer. Definitely need to make something like this...My cardboard boxes just don't cut it.